Natali Kakava

Mother of two sons and married to the man beside me.
Associated with weather reports for the past 14 years and the inspiration behind “Mr and Son” (let Grigoris think it was his idea…)
My children are my world and although he drives me mad most of the time, so is my husband!

I am full of energy, I love life, the people around me and take nothing for granted! As I grow older, I never forget the child within me.
Odysseas, Markos and Grigoris, I will forever be by your side!

Dearest friends,

It was around 6 years ago when my magical maternal journey begun. Admittedly, my initial wish was for a little girl; to dress her the same as me and tie her hair in ribbons…But soon enough I gave birth to my first son, Odysseas. I immediately ruled out the idea of matching outfits with my child. However, I was not disconcerted. I thought, it doesn’t matter, I will find matching clothing for daddy (who had been slightly neglected for sometime now) and our son.

By solving two problems at once, I had a happy husband and a delighted son who would be dressing the same as his first great hero…his daddy! My initial market research was not as successful as I expected. I soon realized we had very few options in matching the outfits of the special men in our lives. All I found was a matching set of boxer shorts which naturally I bought. You should have seen Odysseas’ joy! Of course, my husband Grigoris was not overly enthusiastic with the design but he wore them to please his son who would shout “we are wearing the same” over and over. There was only one problem. Photographs. How could I place a framed photo of father and son in their boxers in the sitting room?

And so this is where our story starts. A collection of clothing exclusively made for father and son. Our third baby was generated which we have named “Mr and Son”. We are delighted as things have turned out just as we had imagined they would. The collection consists of swimming trunks, T-shirts, polo shirts, bermuda shorts, baseball caps and towels.

Our philosophy? A gift from mummy to daddy and their son or daddy to his little man. A gift which further strengthens a special bond between father and son and is sure to be rewarded by a great big hug!
I will never forget the glow in my son Markos’ eyes when he wore the very first sample of the collection. A pair of swimming trunks in the middle of Winter jumping for joy as he was wearing the same as his daddy. As you can imagine, his cries of joy were heard by all our neighbours. Naturally, the swimming trunks replaced his pyjamas that night!

“Mr and Son” has been created out of love and we hope to pass this on to you. All our clothing is manufactured in Greece; a very important factor for us in supporting our local economy and birth place.

Grigoris Gountaras

It was around the age of 40 where I thought I would be an eternal Batchelor!…But things changed when I met, charmed and eventually won over the heart of the woman beside me.

These past years we gained two wonderful sons. Our lives have changed and so too have our priorities. Both older and wiser (more so me…) we have created something which truly reflects the people we are.